Summer Prep: Home Heating Oil Tips For Homeowners

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Heating oil might not be the first thing on everyone’s agenda during summer. However, this period presents an ideal opportunity to focus on this essential fuel. With the sun shining and your heating system at rest, it’s the prime moment to address various components of your heating setup and strategize for upcoming needs. 

As time swiftly progresses, prepare in advance for the colder season ahead. Taking action now can secure a cozier living environment when the colder weather arrives. Explore these summer heating oil tips from Van Varick & Sons for a worry-free and smooth transition in between seasons.

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Summer Heating Oil Tips To Follow

Consider these summer heating oil tips for the warmer months.

Take Advantage of Reduced Fuel Oil Costs

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Winter sees the height of heating oil demand as numerous households depend on this fuel for their heating appliances, leading to an increase in its cost. Postponing buying your heating oil until the cold sets in means facing escalated prices. Conversely, the demand hits its minimum in the summer months, prompting oil suppliers to offer attractive discounts to stimulate sales. Seize this opportunity to economize. Estimate your requirements and place your order.

You don’t have to wait for colder months! Schedule a summer oil tank check-up and fuel delivery to secure good deals. Call Van Varick & Sons today!

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Schedule an Oil Tank Check-Up

The sunny days of summer provide the perfect backdrop for a detailed inspection of your oil tank. Utilize this time to thoroughly examine the tank in your yard, ensuring it remains in prime condition. With time, tanks can exhibit wear like rusting, holes, and cracks, potentially leading to water ingress and subsequent issues. 

During your inspection, don’t forget to assess the tank’s support legs for firmness and confirm that the lids are securely fastened. Taking the initiative to arrange for a replacement of your heating oil tank, especially if it’s nearing its life expectancy or displays significant deterioration, is wise prevention.

Arrange Professional Oil Heating System Service

Homeowners may notice clear damage indicators, yet finer details often go undetected without professional expertise. Thanks to their trained observation, certified HVAC specialists are equipped to detect early signs of issues within an oil heating system. 

They access challenging spots and employ sophisticated diagnostics to uncover any underlying problems. Equipped with the right tools, they provide comprehensive cleaning and system optimization. Book a yearly service for your furnace or boiler. Leveraging the skills of these professionals enhances the durability and efficiency of your heating equipment.

Stay ahead of the game! Schedule your summer heating system tune-up now for worry-free winter months. Contact Van Varick & Sons today!

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Protect Your Outdoor Tank

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The fuel within your storage tank is essential and valuable, making it attractive to thieves. These tanks are positioned outdoors, making them vulnerable to unauthorized access, with culprits potentially draining oil to sell on. They may even track delivery schedules to target homes recently replenished. 

Enhance your tank’s security by obscuring it from street view. Consider building a barrier or cultivating foliage as a screen. However, ensure there’s adequate space around your tank for ventilation and to meet fire regulations. Implementing a lock, setting up an oil tank alarm, and installing surveillance cameras around the tank are effective measures to deter theft.

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Maintain Easy Access to Fill Pipe

For seamless heating oil deliveries, the delivery trucks must have unobstructed access to your tank’s fill pipe. Over time, foliage can grow and obscure this area. Regular checks are necessary to manage any vegetation encroaching on the fill pipe. If the bushes or plants around your tank begin to overtake the space, trim them back accordingly. Once you’ve ensured the fill pipe is accessible, marking its location can further assist the delivery team in quickly locating it

Leverage Summer for Heating System Upgrades

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Summer is your opportunity for major upgrades. Consider replacing old tanks with new ones to improve reliability and storage capacity. It’s also the right time for boiler enhancements or even a full HVAC system overhaul, especially if breakdowns are becoming more frequent. These significant changes are best done now, when the need for heating is minimal, as they can take some time. This allows for a smooth and comprehensive update process.

Upgrade without breaking the bank! Take advantage of our exclusive summer deals on heating oil services. Call Van Varick & Sons today!

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Evaluate for Better Oil Delivery Services

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Summer is the opportune time to reassess if your current heating oil delivery service isn’t meeting expectations. Compile a list of alternative providers in your vicinity and research their reputations. You might discover a provider with more reliable on-time delivery commitments, competitive pricing, or superior service packages. Consulting with friends and neighbors about their delivery experiences can provide valuable insights, helping you make an informed decision about switching to a service that better aligns with your needs.

If you’re not yet a Van Varick & Sons customer, we invite you to get in touch today to learn how we can help you with your oil delivery needs. Call now!

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Avoid Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation within your oil tank can initiate corrosion, compromising the integrity of the container from the inside. This issue becomes more pronounced when tanks are left nearly empty, allowing moisture-laden air to occupy the vacant space. To prevent condensation and the ensuing damage, ensure your tank doesn’t run low, especially during the summer months. Scheduling a delivery to fill the tank can effectively mitigate the risk of condensation. This is one of the most practical summer heating oil tips to help you transition more easily when the colder seasons arrive.

FAQs: Summer Maintenance and Delivery

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Explore common questions regarding summer upkeep and delivery needs:

How frequently should my oil heating system receive maintenance?

A yearly professional service for your furnace or boiler is recommended. Scheduling this during the summer prepares your system for the colder season, enhances its reliability, and prolongs its service life.

What factors should be taken into account for significant heating system upgrades?

When thinking about major updates, such as swapping out tanks or enhancing your system, timing is crucial—with summer being the optimal period. Evaluate the expected increase in efficiency and ensure the upgrades match your specific heating requirements. A consultation with Van Varick & Sons will help guide you towards the most economical and effective solutions.

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What’s the recommended approach for summer oil tank care to gear up for winter?

To avoid condensation and subsequent corrosion, keeping your oil tank at least half-filled throughout the summer is wise. Regularly examining the tank for any indications of deterioration and addressing these issues promptly with repairs or replacements guarantees your system’s readiness for the winter season.


While it might feel odd to focus on your heating system during the warm months, summer is actually the ideal season for tank and boiler maintenance. Winter demands constant operation of these systems, leaving little room for adjustments. In contrast, their dormancy in summer provides the perfect opportunity for essential upkeep. This is also a great time to reevaluate your heating oil budget and explore more efficient methods for securing your next delivery.

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