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Van Varick & Sons is known in New Jersey for providing high-quality heating and air conditioning installation services with an exceptionally strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

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You can be assured that we will give attention to every detail of HVAC installation, from start to finish.

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HVAC Services By Van Varick & Sons

Boiler Heating System Installations

Peerless Boilers

We install and stand behind Peerless Boilers because they are considered to be the number one manufacturer of residential boilers for three reasons.

QUALITY: Their products don’t leak. Their emphasis on quality has created a track record that is second to none.

EFFICIENCY: The Peerless WBV series of boilers is just under 90% AFUE, making it a perfect choice to save you money on oil. It also qualifies for government rebates.

PRICING: Peerless Boilers, although superior to their competitors, are actually priced lower, making it the best price for quality and savings.

Thermo-Dynamics Boilers

Thermo-Dynamics Boilers have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in the state of Pennsylvania since 1983 with best-in-class American craftsmen.

Thermo-Dynamics is considered to be America's leading manufacturer of residential steel boilers.

And, these boilers are engineered to meet or exceed the efficiency standards established by the Department of Energy. This means warm comfort all winter long, without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Themo-Dynamics offers a lifetime limited warranty on their boilers.

Energy Kinetics 2000 Boilers

Van Varick & Sons is a certified installer of Energy Kinetics boilers, and we love these systems for some of these reasons:

  • EK System 2000 boilers help our customers cut fuel bills up to 40% or more!
  • Provide virtually unlimited hot water
  • EK System 2000 boilers provide whisper-quiet operation
  • These systems keep our customers extremely comfortable

Another key factor in our decision to stand behind Energy Kinetics 2000 boilers is that their engineers deconstructed every component of the conventional cast iron boilers. And they redesigned a superior boiler with high-quality materials creating a high-efficiency boiler that produces more hot water for longer periods of time.

Furnace Heating System Installations

Regal Furnaces

The Regal ECM Oil-Fired Furnace is designed to help homeowners conserve energy and lower heating

These boilers feature AFUE efficiencies of up to 85.9%. This means that a new Regal furnace might qualify for fuel and energy efficiency credits.

These systems feature:

  • Automatic Airflow Adjustment
  • Consistent Temperatures
  • Automatic Humidity Control
  • 2-Stage Cooling, 2-Stage Heat Pump Backup
  • Lower Energy Consumption & Utility Bills
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Hallmark Furnaces

Hallmark furnaces have been around since 1939 and have consistently delivered top-notch quality and engineering innovations in the warm-air furnace industry.

Hallmark instituted a plant-wide "Quality Assurance Program" which means that consumers can rest assured that their new furnace meets the highest quality production standards. Each heat exchanger is 100% mechanically tested, utilizing advanced technology to safeguard against defects.

These furnaces offer:

  • 85,000 to 160,000 BTU/Hr
  • AFUE Efficiencies from 80% AFUE to 84%
  • ECM variable speed motors


Air Conditioning System Installations

Rheem Central Air Conditioning

We stand behind Rheem central air conditioning systems due to Rheem's commitment to producing quality, energy-efficient, comfortable air conditioning solutions for homeowners.

Efficiency: Rheem AC systems are ENERGY STAR-certified, helping us offer green solutions to our customers.

Dependability: Rheem puts all of its AC systems through their Systems Extreme Environmental Testing (SEET). This ensures that your AC unit can stand up to the elements like rain, ice, snow, and scorching heat.

Quiet Operation: Rheem HVAC systems are designed for quiet operation.

Goodman Air Conditioning

Goodman air conditioning systems are the perfect choice for homeowners on tighter budgets who are still looking for top-performance and energy-efficient solutions.

Goodman HVAC systems are manufactured in the USA and come with an outstanding Limited Warranty Coverage.

Goodman AC systems are energy efficient, boasting SEER ratings ranging from 13 SEER to 24.5 SEER, based on the model installed.

Ductless HVAC Installations

Fujitsu Ductless HVAC

Ductless HVAC systems are perfect for specialty applications needing heating and/or cooling for situations like:

  • Sunrooms
  • Hard to heat or cool rooms
  • Retrofit situations
  • Additions
  • Garages
  • She-sheds or Man-caves

Fujitsu ductless systems offer:

  • Exceptional energy efficiencies
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Individual room temperature controls
  • Award-winning comfort levels

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