What Is That Whistling Sound During An Oil Delivery?

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New heating oil clients tend to be unfamiliar with the oil tank refill process. You don’t have to worry about it because the oil delivery company handling the delivery can guide you every step of the way. It’s a simple and quick process if the system is in tip-top shape. You may have noticed something you don’t understand completely if you just had your first delivery. For instance, your tank may be emitting a whistling sound. Don’t panic because this sound is coming from the oil tank vent alarm. This means your system is supposed to make this noise.

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What Is That Whistling Sound During An Oil Delivery?

Keep reading to know more about this whistling noise and why it is crucial for heating oil systems.

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Where Is The Whistling Sound Coming From During A Fuel Oil Delivery

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Heating oil, unlike natural gas, requires delivery to every home via large trucks. The oil is contained in tanks where the heating system is linked. The amount slowly depletes over time as your family uses more of it. Air takes the place of the dwindling oil. During a tank refill, the fuel will push the air out again. The tank features an oil tank vent alarm that generates a whistling sound as the air escapes. It is a critical signal that can be heard from a distance as far as the delivery truck.

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When Does The Oil Tank’s Vent Alarm Stop Producing Sound?

You will hear the whistling sound as long as air goes through the vent alarm as it escapes to the vent pipe. It will stop when the tank is full because there isn’t any air left. The delivery crew will stop the oil flow to the tank when this happens. This needs to be done manually, so it is vital to have a dependable signal to get the timing right. Remember that tanks come in different sizes. The volume may be difficult to determine for certain if they are buried underground. The good news is that it isn’t necessary to know this because the whistling will let them know about the refill’s state.

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Why Is An Oil Tank Alarm Important

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The vent alarm must work without a hitch because refilling relies greatly on it. Heating oil companies typically have a policy where they will not refill your tank when there is no whistle. They will try to open the nozzle and let the oil pass through. This should trigger the sound immediately. If the tank isn’t making a whistling sound, they will immediately stop the delivery. The absence of the whistle may mean that the tank may have a fault in or around it. The delivery personnel will not know when to stop the delivery without the signal, making it a fruitless and dangerous task. They may end up spilling oil on your property. Therefore, many oil delivery companies don’t take this chance to ensure your safety.

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Why Don’t I Hear A Whistling Sound During A Home Heating Oil Delivery?

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Here are several common reasons the whistling sound is not present during a home heating oil delivery:

  • Incorrect Connection: A likely reason for the lack of whistling is that no tank is connected to the pipes. It is unusual, but it can happen. For instance, new homeowners may be attempting a tank refill, but the tank was excavated without them knowing. Another reason is that the connections may have been severed.
  • Damaged Seals: Another reason may be an opening that lets air escape before reaching the vent alarm. The tank may not be sealed correctly. Air should only flow in a single direction, which is through the vent pipe to set off the whistle. Any holes must be addressed before the refill can continue.
  • Problematic Vent Pipe: There may be times when the vent pipe is causing the problem. Insects may have made their way into the pipes and built a nest, causing a clog. These need to be removed so air can flow freely. Neglecting it can cause air pressure to build up at a high level, damaging the tank from within.
  • Broken Whistle: The whistle may be defective. Insects or debris may have made their way in via the holes in the whistles. These may have gotten trapped in the whistle, plugging it and preventing the air from passing through. As a result, it cannot produce the sound needed for the refilling to continue.

The delivery crew from Van Varick & Sons will examine the tank if it doesn’t emit a whistling sound. An HVAC professional can also visit your home to conduct necessary replacements or repairs. Call us for any queries regarding our heating oil deliveries.

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