Top 5 Reasons To Have An Annual Furnace Tune-Up

furnace tune-up

One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your home furnace is by scheduling an annual furnace tune-up.

If you don’t have a functional furnace in your home, it won’t be possible to maintain a safe, comfortable living environment when the outside temperatures plummet.

Beyond extending the lifespan of this critical investment, yearly furnace tune-ups can provide many other impressive benefits.

Following are five solid reasons to set up an appointment for service now.

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Why Is a Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?

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Whether you have an oil-fired furnace or a gas-fired furnace, tune-up services are guaranteed to boost both the safety and the efficiency of your heating system. When you’re ready to turn your furnace on, you can rest easy knowing that it will always offer reliable performance without causing any safety or health concerns for building residents.

It is additionally important to note that this annual service is often a requirement of furnace manufacturer warranties. Warranties are agreements provided by furnace manufacturers that guarantee payment of equipment replacement or repair costs resulting from problems that are caused by fault components or substandard workmanship.

When you take care to diligently maintain your home heating equipment by having annual inspections and tune-up services performed, assigning fault to the furnace manufacturer when problems arise is often much easier. This is all the more true when components break down, or the system malfunctions before your furnace has neared or reached the end of its projected lifespan. Thus, good furnace maintenance can prevent your manufacturer warranty from being voided, and it will also make it easier to leverage this agreement when you need to.

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Home Furnace

HVAC companies take several important steps when performing tune-up services for furnaces.
For one thing, they perform thorough inspections of this equipment at the very start of their service to find out more about a furnace’s condition and about the operation of each and every furnace component.

After they’ve completed this initial inspection, your HVAC company will be able to replace damaged and worn parts as needed. They will also swap out dirty air filters and perform other tasks to limit continued wear and promote optimum efficiency.

When furnace maintenance is complete, a solid record will be created to prove to the manufacturer that you’ve done your due diligence in this area. This document can be shared whenever a warranty request must be submitted.

When setting up an appointment for tune-up service for your home furnace, you can adhere to a schedule that reflects how often and how heavily you use this equipment. You also have to account for the maintenance requirements of your furnace’s manufacturer when establishing your tune-up schedule so that you’re always compliant with the terms of your warranty.

More often than not, furnaces only need to be tuned up just once each year. This service is best-performed at the start of fall, just before you start using your furnace on a regular basis due to increasingly colder temperatures.

Is Paying for a Furnace Tune-up Actually Worthwhile?

Just as many other homeowners are, you may be overwhelmed by the ongoing list of home maintenance tasks that you’re required to handle. Although paying for a furnace tune-up might feel like just one more thing to do, the money that you send on tune-ups can actually wind up saving you.

When you account for the cost of replacing your furnace and air conditioner, you will find that the charges for having this equipment properly maintained are actually both nominal and more than worthwhile. Here are five benefits that come from paying for annual furnace tune-ups:

Your Utility Bills Will Go Down

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After you’ve had a tune-up performed, the cost of heating up your entire home will go down. Tune-ups keep home heating equipment just as efficient as it was at the time of initial installation. During winter, you’ll use a lot less energy overall in order to keep everyone in your home warm. Moreover, not only will your energy costs decline, but your carbon footprint will be greatly reduced too.

Your Indoor Air Quality Will Improve

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One benefit of paying for home furnace tune-ups that often gets overlooked is having better indoor air quality. During tune-ups, the filter in your furnace will get changed out, and all accumulated debris will be removed from the furnace’s interior components. This means that the air being discharged from this appliance will be cleaner and virtually contaminant-free. This is a great benefit for anyone living in your home with COPD, asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory condition.

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Stave Off the Need to Have Your Furnace Replaced

To optimize the value that you get from your home furnace, you want to keep it running as efficiently as possible throughout the entire duration of its lifespan. With routine maintenance, regular inspections, and timely service, you can do exactly this.

Your HVAC technician can catch minor issues and take care of them before they have the opportunity to become larger or more widespread. Build-ups of dust, dirt and other debris that force your heating system to overwork will be eliminated too.

Stay Abreast of Your Furnace’s Current Condition

Tune-ups additionally keep homeowners up to date on the most current condition of their home heating equipment. This can be especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of historical information about your heating system and aren’t too sure about its exact age. HVAC companies can give you an estimate of how long your furnace will last. This will allow you to plan in advance for the costs of having your furnace replaced.

Keep Everyone in the Home Safe

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Beyond saving money, regular furnace inspections and tune-ups can also help save lives. This equipment burns fuel as a means of producing heat, and the result of fuel consumption is exhaust. If exhaust gases ever leak into your home, everyone may be exposed to carbon monoxide. Making sure that your furnace is working as it should is the best way to avoid this life-threatening problem.

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What Does a Furnace Tune-up Include?

Your HVAC technician will start your furnace tune-up with a thorough inspection and cleaning. Top HVAC companies adhere to tune-up checklists that are specific to the furnace models they’re working on.

After every component has been inspected and clean, damaged parts are replaced for assured safety and efficiency. Moving parts are additionally lubricated to ensure excellent performance.

By documenting these services, HVAC technicians give homeowners proof that they’ve been diligent about caring for the heating equipment that they can use when warranty requests must be made.
These reports also help homeowners get financially ready for future furnace replacements, particularly when their furnaces are nearing the end of their lifespans.

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