What Happens When The Furnace Runs Out Of Oil?

image of what happens now depicting what happens to furnace when it runs out of oil

As a homeowner, it may often feel like you don’t do anything other than accomplish an endless chore list. More tasks are added to the list instead of being crossed off. You may be repairing leaky bathroom pipes, changing light bulbs, and more. 

Another task on your to-do list is ensuring that your tank’s heating oil level is sufficient. Homeowners need to track the heating oil levels in their tank if they choose to go for a will-call or C.O.D. heating oil delivery service. Remember to call when the oil level is around 30% full. However, there may come a time when life gets too busy, and your tank runs dry. What happens when furnace runs out of oil?

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Will My Heating System Get Damaged If My Oil Tank Runs Out of Oil?

You may feel concerned about the likely consequences of running out of heating oil if you’ve ever experienced running out of fuel. For instance, you may worry about damaging your furnace if the tank runs empty, like how a car’s fuel injector becomes damaged if the gasoline runs out.

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What Happens To An Oil Furnace When Its Fuel Runs Out?

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Fortunately, your furnace will not get damaged if your heating oil tank runs empty. 

However, it is still better to ensure your tank is full so you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of running out, especially during winter. A furnace cannot operate without oil, so your home cannot be heated until you get a fresh supply. Try to prevent any heat interruptions by ensuring you have a constant fuel supply.

Running out of fuel doesn’t mean you have a broken or damaged furnace. Still, running out of oil tends to occur at the worst possible time, such as when cold temperatures start to creep in. You will use more oil, so it can be expected for you to run out if you have a low supply. This is bad because a drafty home may make you vulnerable to illnesses. This is especially true for susceptible individuals, such as the elderly and children.

However, as mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about furnace damage if your tank runs out of oil completely. No safety issues will also occur. Still, this doesn’t mean no other issues linked with an empty heating oil tank will occur.

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Line Bleeding And Oil System Filter Replacement

An unusually cold period may mean you have to deal with frozen water pipes. Burst water pipes can result in many problems that require expensive resolutions, such as water damage to your home and mold growth.

You need to reset your furnace when you stock up on oil. Remember that this is also an excellent chance to replace your oil system’s filter. This component is usually a cartridge filter on your oil-fired boiler, water heater, or furnace. The filter is inside a canister usually found in the middle of the oil burner and the incoming oil line. This way, the oil is filtered before it gets into your heating system. You may have to get the line bled if you run out of oil. Call an experienced HVAC professional to help bleed the fuel line and restart your heating system.

It is necessary to bleed the line as the contaminants that have settled at the heating oil tank’s base go into the fuel lines when you run out of fuel. These contaminants should not enter your heating system because they can cause clogs and expensive furnace repairs. Therefore, this service is needed when your tank empties.

Line bleeding isn’t done for free. Therefore, you should be particular when it comes to the right time for the HVAC technician to arrive. These appointments may not be convenient per your schedule, and this is one more reasonable argument to prevent running out of fuel in the first place. 

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When To Order Your Fuel Oil

Generally, you should refill your oil tank when it’s around 25 to 30% full. You may even choose to set up a recurring home heating oil delivery with a reliable heating oil delivery company, like Van Varick & Sons, to ensure you don’t run out.

Contact an experienced HVAC technician if you encounter any furnace problems or if it needs maintenance. They can visit your home and aid in getting your furnace back in good working condition.

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