Van Varick & Sons Helps Local Morris County, New Jersey Resident

As the temperatures started to fall last autumn, John Comerford from Morris County, New Jersey, discovered issues with his heating system.

Jim Froehlich of All American Oil Recovery visited Comerford’s home to evaluate the heating problem. He identified problems with the underground oil tank and advised replacing it.

Comerford shared that he had been out of work for almost two years due to a job-related injury, which made him worried about affording the necessary repairs. Froehlich contacted Oil Heat Cares and the Garden State Chapter for assistance. Soon after, the process of restoring Comerford’s heating began.

Venco Sales, Inc. donated a new GrandB 2-in-1 above-ground oil tank, with Charley Holmes facilitating the donation.

Our very own Van Varick & Sons technician, Rick Woodham, handled the installation of the new tank.

Milton Ramache and Ernesto Perez of All American Oil Recovery connected the new oil line to the boiler. Once the installation was finished, Art DeVre from Woolley Fuel performed a diagnostic test to ensure the system was operating safely and efficiently. Kevin Ball of Woolley Fuel also played a crucial role in the process, as Comerford had been a devoted Woolley Fuel client.