Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioner Mold

microscopic mold depicting air conditioner mold

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that mold needs oxygen, food, and moisture to grow. This means that moist surfaces around your home, like your air conditioner, can trigger mold infestation. Air conditioner mold is especially hazardous because it can be distributed throughout your home, causing health problems for your family and pets. Therefore, hire a certified HVAC technician to conduct regular air conditioner checkups to prevent this issue.

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Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioner Mold

If you notice mold in your air conditioner, act quickly before your home incurs extensive damage. This can be a costly issue once it gets out of hand. Even worse, home insurance policies only cover damage if a problem like flooding from a faulty appliance causes mold. Therefore, the best route is to prevent air conditioner mold from happening in the first place. Doing so can save you money and a bunch of stress. Keep reading to learn more information about air conditioner mold.

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Why Air Conditioner Mold Is Dangerous

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According to Medical News Today, mold isn’t a life-threatening issue, but it can cause health problems in your home. Mold generates toxins that can impact the respiratory system, causing problems like breathing difficulties, aspergillosis, and allergic reactions. It is worse if the mold is in your air conditioning system because it will be distributed throughout the house. Mold may also affect how your air conditioning system works, causing it to become faulty, especially if the mold has spread to electrical components.

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Signs That There Is Mold In Your Air Conditioner

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Mold is dangerous in your home, so you must always look for signs that your air conditioner is infested with mold. Keep in mind that mold may hide inside the moist components of the air conditioning system, making it more difficult to spot. Worse, it may be impossible to see with the naked eye unless the spores of the mold sprout. 

Consulting an HVAC professional is the best way to determine if there’s mold in your air conditioner, ventilation system, and other parts of your home. They have the proper skills and experience since they have had to face similar cases. Therefore, an HVAC technician will be able to tell you if mold is present in your home, even if it is still microscopic. However, watch out for these three signs of mold:

  1. Musty Smell: Per the experts, the musty smell is the first and clearest indication that there is mold or mildew. Therefore, a musty smell wherein you cannot determine the source may be coming from air conditioner.
  2. Visible Signs: Generally, mold is microscopic, especially in its early stages. It can generate spores as it grows, making them more visible to the naked eye. Moreover, mold can vary in color depending on the moisture levels, source of food, and light. It can be white, green, red, black, gray, purple, brown, orange, and other colors. Colored mold will be more visible to the naked eye.
  3. Health Issues: If some or all of your family members, including pets, suddenly get sick when the air conditioner is switched on, there might be mold in the air conditioner. Some common mold-linked symptoms are coughing, sneezing, and teary eyes. You may also suffer from a stuffy nose, wheezing, itchy skin, and allergic reactions. It can also trigger severe reactions in asthmatic people.
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How To Remove Air Conditioner Mold

It is best to leave it to experienced and qualified HVAC contractors considering the risks involved in eliminating mold. In addition, certified HVAC contractors have the skills and expertise to handle air conditioning problems competently. Considering all these, call a reliable HVAC technician to check, clean, and tune up your air conditioning system. They can remove the mold and keep it from getting worse.

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Tips To Prevent Air Conditioner Mold

The damage may already happen by the time you discover mold in your air conditioner and contact a qualified HVAC contractor for removal. It is always much better to prevent mold infestation than to deal with it once it has already grown in your air conditioner. Therefore, ensure that an expert HVAC technician conducts regular maintenance on your air conditioner. They can shield your air conditioner from mold as they will perform the following upkeep practices:

  • Disinfecting the AC: Disinfecting the air conditioner, ductwork, and other parts of the ventilation system is usually an excellent method to kill living organisms like mold. A qualified HVAC technician will utilize an EPA-approved disinfectant to complete this task.
  • Cleaning And Replacing HVAC Filters Regularly: Get your air conditioner filter cleaned bi-weekly or more, depending on how much pollution is in your environment. An HVAC technician should also replace it monthly or every three months, per the US Department of Energy.
  • Applying A Mold Inhibitor: This chemical inhibits the growth of mildew and mold.
  • Keeping Air Ducts Dry: Moist surfaces are a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Air ducts typically retain moisture, so you should hire an HVAC professional to ensure they remain dry. An expert can also clean the system, repair any issues, and change water-damaged components.
  • Installing A UV Light: UV light can virtually kill mold, bacteria, and other microbes. Therefore, it is an effective solution to air conditioner mold issues.

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Air conditioner mold can result in damage to your home. It can also compromise your family’s health. Hire a reputable HVAC company to inspect and clean your air conditioner regularly. A certified HVAC contractor can also provide you with tips on how you can protect your home from mold.

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