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ProGuard Oil Tank Protection

Heating Oil Tank Protection From ProGuard

Despite studies indicating that tank leaks are highly uncommon, Van Varick customers can now access cost-effective ProGuard tank protection in the event of a leak. This program aims to manage cleanups with minimal disturbance to your home and loved ones, utilizing a skilled team of certified experts.

ProGuard offers the most COMPREHENSIVE protection for both underground and aboveground tanks, serving as the perfect safeguard for your tank by offering both replacement and cleanup coverage.

Over 100,000 oil heating clients rely on ProGuard, establishing it as the leading storage tank protection solution in the country.

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Oil Tank Protection Benefits

Above Ground Storage Tank

Above Ground Oil Tank Protection

  • $50,000 in cleanup protection
  • $2,000 in proactive oil tank replacement limit
  • Tank lines are protected
  • Transferable to a new homeowner
Under Ground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tanks

  • Up to $100,000 in cleanup protection
  • Up to $1,500 tank replacement limit
  • Tank lines are protected
  • Eligible for a "Voluntary Removal" after one year
  • Transferable to a new homeowner

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